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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Various stuff

A few things:
  • I had an interview with Veterans In Politics yesterday. They are supposed to be posting the video from the interview at their website (http://www.veteransinpolitics.com/) but it looks like it isn't up yet. I'll try and post the link when it is, along with some commentary on the questions and answers I gave.
  • I also went to the Republican Party BBQ that was held yesterday. It was held outside at Dragon Ridge Country Club so it was really warm but everyone there seemed nice. The only people I found who actually live in my district were my opponents in the primary, so that was kind of funny. I talked to Glenn Greener for a few minutes and he seemed nice. I didn't have a chance to talk to Bob Irwin as he was eating when I first saw him and I didn't see him again after that.
  • I have posted the questionnaire from the Nevada Animal Owner's and Sportsmen on my forum along with my answers. You can find it here.


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