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Friday, July 11, 2008

"I'm walkin' the streets tonight..."

Just got back from my second day of walking house to house in my district. Here's a few thoughts I've had while I've been doing it:
  • I should have started this a lot sooner. I don't think there's any way I'm going to get anywhere near visiting everyone in my district. Part of the problem is I was waiting for some door hanger things so that if people weren't home or didn't answer the door I could leave them something with a couple words about me and also let them know where they could go if they did want to meet me. Those finally arrived yesterday. I wish I had ordered that stuff a long time ago, but I didn't even think about it until a few weeks ago. Oh well, rookie mistake I guess.
  • I'm real curious about people's reactions to the door hangers. My intent was to show people that I had come around to their house to try and meet with them but it occurred to me yesterday that for all they know I just hired some kids to run up and down the street and put the hangers on everyone's doors and I don't think that would make me vote for someone. So I started putting a little handwritten note on all of them. Not sure if that helps any either, for the same reason, but it's really the best I can do if they aren't home. Depending on time constraints I might try and call some of the door hanger people if I get a chance just to see what they thought.
  • The people who have been home have been nice for the most part. No one really wants to talk about anything because they are busy with other things but they don't seem bothered by the fact that I stopped by, so that's promising.
  • Yesterday some guys selling pest control service or something started wandering the same streets as me so that was a little annoying. I felt bad going up to people's doors right after some random solicitor came by so I pretty much started to race ahead of them since I was almost done for the day anyways.
  • Quite a few people have "No Solicitors" signs on their doors so I don't stop at their houses. I'm thinking maybe I will try mailing those people.
  • A few years ago I took American Sign Language courses at the Community College, which I found really interesting but I ended up giving up without becoming anything near fluent. I didn't feel like I was progressing real well because I'm not really around Deaf people in my day to day life so it made it difficult to practice and when I was around Deaf people I felt really bad for butchering their language. So anyways, there was a Deaf man at one of the houses I stopped at today and I was mad at myself because I couldn't remember very much and that sort of situation was the whole reason I started taking ASL in the first place. I did manage to get out that I used to be a student and that I've forgotten sign and he reminded me of what the sign for "vote" was so I could remind him to vote for Jack.
  • A bunch of people have gates on their doors that you can't see through from the outside and that makes it interesting when they answer their doors because it is almost like talking to a solid wall that talks back.

In other news:

A reporter from the Review Journal called yesterday so that he could interview me for the voter guide that they put out before the election. I learned that I need to get better at sound bites. The reason I say that is that he asked me a few questions and the answers I gave were really long and I could hear him trying to type in the background what I said, but even if he got it all it's going to have to get edited down to maybe a paragraph or two for the guide so I'm interested to see what actually ends up in the paper.


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