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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

More questionnaires and general thoughts

I have posted a couple more questionnaires in the forum:
  • The first is the National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund, 2008 Nevada Candidate Questionnaire, which can be found here.
  • The second is for the Nevada Families Voter Guide Candidate Questionnaire 2008, which can be found here.

I also looked at the Nevada Advocated of Planned Parenthood website and found out that they consider my position on abortion to be "Leans Anti". You can decide for yourself by reading my answers to their questionnaire here.

Some other thoughts:

  • Don't forget to come to Shuck's Tavern near Easter and Serene tonight (Thu 7/17) from 6 - 8. I will be there to answer any questions or talk about any issues that interest you.
  • I've been continuing to go door to door. I've been impressed by most of the people who have I've talked to. Everyone has the same problems as everyone else such as high gas prices and the current state of the economy, but most realize that there isn't some magic fix that the government can do that is going to fix everything.
  • I talked to one couple today who are renting a house that they live in with three of their grandchildren who are concerned that they are going to get kicked out soon because they discovered that the house they are living in is going to be foreclosed on on the 22nd. They found out because some lawyer who thought they were the owners called and offered to help them file bankruptcy or something to keep the house. He said he couldn't help them since they were just renters so now they don't know if they are going to get suddenly kicked out. I've read about this sort of situation a lot with the current foreclosure problems we've been having and I find it ridiculous that people can be going along, paying their rent faithfully, thinking everything is OK and then they suddenly find out that the mortgage isn't getting paid and they are going to have to leave. There has to be something better that can be done, even if it is just sending letters to the residents at houses to let them know that the mortgage is behind so people can be prepared or find out what is going on.


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