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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Stuff and Junk

Today, a hodgepodge of information:
  • The Review Journal published their voter guide for the primary election last Sunday. You can find the information for Assembly District 16 here. I think the information and quotes from me came out OK. I was a little worried what would come out from me babbling for 20 minutes and the reporter furiously typing but what appeared is not too bad.
  • Last weekend I attended the annual Northern Nevada Alumni Club picnic for USC at the beach up in Lake Tahoe. They have held a picnic at the beach every year for about the last 25 years. It is a really neat event where they introduce the students that will be attending USC in the fall and the band and the cheerleaders come and perform. Since I grew up in Lake Tahoe and I know many of the people up there I try and get up there for the picnic every year. That really has nothing to do with running for State Assembly. What was interesting was that Dean Heller was there (who is Nevada's Congressional representative for most of Nevada except Clark County). I talked with him for a few minutes, mostly about simple stuff about how our campaigns are going (I told him I have no idea how mine is going since I don't have any money to do any polls so I'm going to have a fun day hitting refresh on my computer on election day). What bothered me is that later I realized that you don't really get that many opportunities to talk to a Congressman in an informal setting where he isn't really campaigning and other people aren't bothering him for his time so I should have been asking about the train wreck that is the federal government. I'm a little disappointed in myself there.
  • I find it odd that lately a bunch of people have been asking me what my future political plans are. The real answer is I don't have any. Cripes, not only have I not won an election of any sort yet, election day hasn't even happened yet, why would I be worrying about some other post that might appear in the future. I think the implication is that I have some grand political plan for myself, like someday I want to be governor but I don't have any plans like that. I'm running because of my love for Nevada, not because I'm on some "I want to have power" trip or something. I get the feeling that's why many people run. Yet another good reason to have term limits.


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